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Climbing Center service
Zapatos-Climbing cooperates with two Climbing Gyms: Delfts Bleau and Klimcentrum Heerenveen. At these centers you can hand in your climbing shoes and pick them up later with a lovely new sole underneath. More information at the centers.

Hand it in yourself
Off course you can hand in your shoes yourself too. This can be done by mail but obviously that involves shipping costs. When you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Arnhem you can also drop them off and/or pick them up. It is however wise to make an appointment beforehand.

The package you bring or send should always contain a fully filled out resole form! Print the form, fill it out (use BLOCK letters please) and enclose it in the package, so we know whom the shoes belong to.Download the Resole form here

Patient in de werkplaatsWhat's all this going to cost me?
That depends on your wishes. Prices (VAT included) per pair for resoling using:
  • High Friction- 40 euro
  • Stealth C4 - 36 euro
  • Vibram- 30 euro
(Additional shipping costs to get your shoes returned: 6,50 euro)
There are several ways to pay.
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct online
Go to the shop for more information on payment options and to order.